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The Brook Mill

The Brook Mill is an old mill house nestling in the hills of Powys and had an old inefficient gas boiler providing its heating and hot water needs. After discussions with the new owners it was decided to install a new wood pellet boiler. For this installation we used an ETA PC40KW wood pellet boiler with a 825lt accumulator. This not only provided the customer with an efficient hot water and heating system greatly reducing costs but also enabled them to claim the relevant RHI payments which will eventually pay back the full cost of installation.

Letter received from customer:

Late in 2015 I moved into a large house in Newtown, Powys.  One of my priorities was to install an efficient heating system as the existing Calor Gas fired unit was 30 years old, very expensive to run and terribly noisy.

 I called a few local Heating Engineers for quotes to replace this with a new gas fired boiler but when I spoke to Mark Bufton he suggested I consider a biomass boiler.

 Although initially expensive he explained there was a significant Government incentive in place which would eventually (over a 7 year period) repay the installation.  The boilers are also very efficient so there were significant fuel cost benefits too.

 Mark and a colleague come to see us and explained what was involved including the costs and advantages. 

 After careful consideration we decided to go ahead.  There was a significant initial payment to cover the cost of the expensive equipment which had to be ordered from the suppliers. Meanwhile work began on the fuel store. 

 The installation took some three weeks.  Everyone who came to work at the house was polite and considerate and the house was always left tidy.

 I enjoy excellent support from Buftons – although to be honest I have only ever had one question about the operation of the boiler which pretty much looks after itself.

 I am delighted with its quietness and efficiency and glad I took Mark Buftons’s advice. 

 In summary I would thoroughly recommend considering the biomass option and I cannot fault the technical expertise and the efficient and considerate service we have received from M Bufton & Co.

 David Darby